Child Custody Forms – Where to Find and File a Child Custody Form

  • 25/07/2019

Child custody forms can vary from state to state and the process and procedures for completing and submitting child custody forms can also vary depending on the district and the court building that has jurisdiction for your case.

It is important for parents to find the right child custody form for their problem, complete it completely and submit it with the right courthouse. There are many ways to research and find the right firm for your particular situation. The following are examples of places that might help you find, fill out, and submit the right form.

Court website – Most courts have websites with information about courthouses including court locations and court forms. If you know which form you need, you may be able to download the form from the court website. You can visit to know more about child custody attorney.

Family courthouse – Most courthouses provide information about processes and procedures and detention forms. If you can't find the right form on the website or you don't have the means to print, you might want to try going down to the local family courthouse to get the form you need.

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Family court facilitator offices – Many courts offer non-legal assistance through pro-court family facilitator offices per case that is not represented by a lawyer. The family court facilitator may be able to tell you about the form you need, how to complete it, and where to save it. However, a family court facilitator does not provide legal advice, cannot represent one party in court or act as your lawyer.

Legal document assistants – Legal Document Assistants can help you prepare legal documents such as deposit forms and provide self-help services according to customer-specific instructions. Legal document assistants cannot give you legal advice or represent you in court.

Family law attorney – For legal advice about your situation and legal assistance with a child custody form to use, fill out and submit the form you want to talk to with a lawyer. Some lawyer’s offer a free initial consultation that can help you decide whether the problem is something you want to pursue yourself or hire an attorney's expertise to do.


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