Getting Nail Dipping Powder Kit

  • 17/06/2019

If you love your nails then you do not need us to tell you what to do in order to get them to be as pretty and as shiny as you want them to be. Get to your kit already and start polishing those nails up. Maybe not for a real reason except for the fact that it is just fun to do. So get your nail dipping powder kit.

Personally, though, we could not care any less if our animals have color or not. As long as it is not too long then it should be fine. In fact, we cut them as soon as it tries to grow out because it annoys us when the tips of the nail scrape over the wall or something.

It really is just so annoying and cringey to us when we accidentally brush them against something and on another nail too. But this is just us and not everyone else is like us. So if you are the type to actually really like nail art then by all means, go for it.

We will not make any annoying statements about it being a waste of time or a waste of money because we have an even more expensive kind of habit ourselves. And that is painting. No, not nail-painting, just regular old painting.

We are not exactly good at it but we like to think that we are decent enough to at least make something out of nothing. And with the contrasting colors too. As you can see, this is a lot more costly than doing something to your nails.

Because not only do you have to get all the different kinds of colors under the sun, but the utensils for it too. The brushes, the canvasses, paper towels, cotton swabs and so much more. So we really are not the best person to be lecturing you about that kind of stuff. But we are going to say that you have to be careful with your do your nails.

Some have been injured about that already in the past all because they got careless and arrogant about it. That person happens to be us by the way if it was not already obvious. Yes, we were so traumatized by what we accidentally did to our nails that we swore never to actually touch them in an artsy way ever again.

Besides, the whole long-nail thing just really bothers us. We know that not everybody is like this but we also know that we are not the only ones who feel like this. Although, we do find some nail work aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Some are even very creative enough to actually make us reconsider going to a nail salon again.

Of course, that thought immediately vanishes as soon as it takes form inside our heads. But hey, do not let us stop you from wanting to color your nails. Do it if you want to. No one is really stopping you and it does look good on the hands. Personally, we prefer getting our fingers smudged with paint more appealing than nail-coloring.


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